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The Puffy mattress is a multi-layered foam mattress, designed to fit all sleeping positions with perfect spinal alignment.

100% Manufactured in the USA

  • Cooling cloud temperature regulation
  • Stain resistant luxury cover
  • 100% made in the USA
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    Puffy Mattress Review

    About the Mattress

    The Puffy Mattress is a foam mattress designed to provide comfort to sleepers of all kinds, whether you sleep on your back, stomach or on your side. It is built from 3 high quality foam layers that give great contour and spinal alignment. The mattress is soft and comforting, it has the classic memory foam feel and is very reasonably priced.

    Materials and Construction

    The Puffy Mattress is a 10” high, all-foam mattress

    Cover: Soft, breathable, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified cover. It’s stain resistant as well.

    2 Inches Cooling Cloud™ Foam: This gel-infused technology disperses heat through convection and conduction to allow eight-times more airflow than other foams, resulting in a cooler mattress.

    2 Inches Climate-Adaptive Regulation Foam: This advanced layer is resistant to temperature & humidity, keeping its pressure-relieving properties consistent throughout the year.

    6 Inches Firm Support Layer: The mattress base is made of high resilience foam, both sturdy and breathable. It is made of high-density polyfoam and reacts to pressure to provide stability and support.

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    If you like a softer memory foam bed, this one is for you. The Puffy provides a good cradling sensation and will contour to your body. This is excellent for pressure relief, and most people will find it comfortable. It probably won’t suit you if you don’t like that cradling feeling when you sink in for a bit, but those of you who do will enjoy it. The edge support on the Puffy is pretty good as well,

    As mentioned, this mattress is on the soft side, and has a firmness rating of around 5.5. If you’re looking for your bed to be on the firm side, this isn’t for you, but those of you who like that good, soft comforting hug will enjoy its gentle touch.

    Being a soft mattress, it lacks some bounce, and does not have some of the advantages of hybrid or coil mattresses. However, if you’re a memory foam person, or looking for a good affordable mattress, this is a very good choice.

    The Cover

    The Puffy cover is a soft, breathable, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified cover. It has a good, soft and bouncy feel, and it is also stain resistant – allowing to easily wipe up spills and keep it white and clean. The cover can also be easily unzipped and taken off, if you want to give it a good wash.

    Special Features

    Puffy’s better features are definitely its ability to adapt to different bodies and cradle them with comfort, no matter your sleeping position. It makes it great for couples who sleep in different positions for example, and do not want to go for a mattress that favors only one sleeping position. It might not stand out for its other features, but comfort and support are a big deal when buying a new mattress.

    Another great feature for this mattress is its temperature resistant layer, which keeps the mattress from contracting or expanding during seasonal climate changes.

    The lifetime warranty is also nothing to take for granted, and if you want to support an organization that gives back to community, you should know that they donate mattresses to children’s shelters.

    100% Manufactured in the USA
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