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Nectar is a high quality memory foam mattress, built in four layers. With its built-in cooling technology and super affordable price, it might be the right mattress for you.

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  • Quilted gel memory foam
  • Tencel cooling cover
  • Lifetime warranty and 365-night trial
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    Free White Glove Delivery and Mattress Removal

    Nectar Mattress Review

    About the Mattress

    If you are looking for a memory foam based mattress at an affordable price, the Nectar Mattress just might be an ideal option for you. This high quality mattress is made with four different layers of high quality foam (including two layers of gel foam) as well as cooling technology that is built into the cover.

    When you order your mattress, you will also receive a Forever Warranty that will protect you against manufacturer's defaults for the entire life of the mattress. Due to high demand, Nectar is experiencing a backlog of shipments. So, if you do choose to order this mattress you may have to wait a few weeks until it is delivered. The company became very popular much more quickly than expected, so Nectar has increased production in order to keep up.

    Materials and Construction

    A few inches slimmer than a hybrid mattress, this memory foam option measures up at 11 inches in total. It includes four foam layers, as well as a cover. Let’s take a look into the layers of the Nectar Mattress and see what is inside:

    Tencel Cooling Cover: This eco-friendly material is cool and comfortable, allowing for a pleasant sleep.

    1 Inch of Excellent Quality Quilted Gel Memory Foam: This first layer of foam is intended to provide extra comfort and enhanced breathability.

    1 Inch of Gel Memory Foam: This gel memory foam layer will directly absorb heat and redistribute it throughout the mattress. It is known as “semi-open LUSH foam” and it is used in medical devices.

    3 Inches of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam: According to Nectar, no other brand that delivers direct to consumers makes high quality mattresses with this type of foam, because it is so heavy and expensive to ship. However, this foam is advantageous because it provides wonderful bounce and rebound while contouring the mattress to your pressure points. The way this works is that when you sink through the top layer, you will interact with this layer which will then conform to your body and provide you with custom support.

    6 Inch Breathable Base Layer: This base layer of 2.2b density foam is designed to draw in fresh air through channels within the construction, in order to keep the mattress cooler.

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    If sleeping cool is very important to you, this mattress is a great choice. The materials are chosen with breathability in mind and the cover fabric will draw the heat away from you, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night long.

    Also, this mattress has very low motion transfer. This can be a disadvantage as the low level of bounce makes having sex on the mattress more difficult. However, if you are a slight sleeper who is disturbed by the motion of your partner at night, this mattress would be great for you.

    If course, if you are one of the people who just doesn’t like memory foam - this mattress won’t be comfortable for you no matter what. It just doesn’t have the same feel as a traditional innerspring mattress.

    Also, this may not be the mattress for you if you prefer sleeping on a firm surface. It rates at a 5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. If you are heavy set or you don’t like the feeling of sinking slightly into your mattress, you might want to look for something firmer such as an innerspring mattress. When you lie on this memory foam mattress, your body will sink into the foam and it will adjust to the unique shape of your physique - a sensation that some people don’t like.

    Take note - those who have ordered this mattress have reported that it had an off-gassing smell for the first 48 hours. So, you may want to let it air out for the first couple of days before sleeping on it.

    The Cover

    The cover of this mattress is made out of a material called Tencel, which is environmentally friendly and breathable. The cover is also bed bug resistant and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 Certified (an environmental certification system).

    One of the nice features of this cover is that it can be fully unzipped and cleaned. Also, if you are not able to get the cover clean, you can contact Nectar and they will send you a new cover (one per mattress) free of charge. This is a rare service that not many other mattress brands offer.

    Special Features

    One of the interesting things about this company is that it offers a 365 night trial. So, you can try your mattress for an entire year and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund for it. This is a much longer trial period than any other mattress brand on the market.

    2 Free Premium Pillows
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