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Loom and Leaf is Saatva's luxury foam mattress, made from high-quality memory foam and an organic cotton knit top.
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  • Quilted organic cotton cover
  • Spinal zone gel-infused layer
  • Eco-friendly 5-lbs premium foam
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    Free White Glove Delivery and Mattress Removal
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    Loom & Leaf
    Free White Glove Delivery and Mattress Removal

    Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

    About the Mattress

    Loom and Leaf is a luxury memory foam mattress created by Saatva, which is a high end mattress company that FORBES named one of the “Top 100 Companies to Watch.” All of the mattresses are hand-made in the 19 factories throughout Canada and the USA.

    When you order a Loom and Leaf Mattress, the delivery team will come to deliver the mattress and set it up anywhere in the contiguous United States. They are one of the very few online memory foam mattress companies in the world to offer this service. The mattress has to be delivered, because due to the high quality specialty foam within the mattress is cannot be compressed and shipped in a box.

    Materials and Construction

    There are many different layers of high quality material that go into a Loom and Leaf high quality mattress. These layers work together, in order to provide the highest level of cooling, comfort and support. Let’s take a look at this luxury mattress layer by layer:

    Organic Cotton Knit Top: The organic cotton top of the mattress is quilted with a 5-8 inch foam layer and is also made with a thistle flame retardant material that is all natural.

    2 Inch Cooling Gel Layer 4lbs Memory Foam: This top layer provides a cool and supportive sleep with a gel-swirl construction technique that provides even distribution - allowing it to cool down your body. It uses a pure cooling gel that is also used in burn units of hospitals.

    2.5 Inch 5lbs Visco-Elastic Memory Foam: This is the “heart” of the mattress - a layer of high quality memory foam that contours to the shape of your body. Plus, it is approved by CertiPUR-US, which means that it has met high standards for environmentalism, performance and indoor emissions.

    2 Inch Transition Loft Pad: Resting between the support base and the memory foam, this layer works to provide transition and transfer. It allows the layers above and below it to work better with each other, improving the comfort of the mattress.

    5.5 Inch Support Base: This is the foundational layer, made from high density foam, which provides support for all of the layers above.

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    This mattress works very well to provide sleepers with great overall support. Plus, the mattress offers virtually no motion transfer due to the way that the thick comfort foam layers disperse the energy and motion. So, if your partner moves around a lot at night, this won’t be an issue. The mattress is very stable, so if you are looking for a mattress that you can sink into when you crawl into bed - this is probably not the right option for you.

    Of course, some people simply don’t like the feel of memory foam and even the best memory foam mattress will not be comfortable for them. If you have never tried memory foam before, you may want to test out this mattress before you commit to purchasing it. Saatva offers you the option to try the mattress out for free for 120 days. If you really don’t like the feeling of memory foam, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

    The mattress comes in Soft, Medium and Firm options. If you are on the heavier side, you might want to choose a Firm mattress because you will sink into it more than another person who is lighter.

    The Cover

    As of 2016, Loom and Leaf have a new design for the cover of their mattresses. The new cover has a quilting pattern that is denser and tighter towards the middle of the mattress, yet more spread out at the head and foot of the mattress. This is a special design that will provide you with more support under your midsection where you need it most.

    The cover is made with quilted organic cotton, which has a great texture and is quite soft and breathable. It also has tan side panels and gold trim around the perimeter, which makes it look and feel very luxurious. It is much higher in quality than the usual thin covers that many other styles of memory foam mattresses come with.

    Special Features

    One of the interesting features of this mattress is that it is designed to work with an adjustable base. So, you could move your memory foam mattress up and down depending on your needs throughout the day.

    The top layer directly beneath the cover of this mattress is quite high tech. It is made with gel foam, which is infused with a gel swirl technique. This makes sure that the gel is evenly dispersed through the top layer of the mattress. Plus, this layer is also convoluted, which means that there are air channels cut through the foam. This will help the air to flow more easily and improve the cooling. This feature makes the mattress a great choice for anyone who lives in a very hot climate.

    Free White Glove Delivery and Mattress Removal
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